Thursday, December 3, 2015

Festival of Trees

Going to the Festival of Trees is a beloved family tradition for many in the Salt Lake valley, and seeing all the beautiful trees in memories of loved ones is a moving and inspiring experience!  We wanted to be able to have that same experience for our little ones, so this year we did a Share Parents of Utah tree entitled "Because of You, I Believe in Angels."  Families were able to purchase ornaments both for their trees at home as well as for the festival tree.  The proceeds from those beautiful ornaments were used to purchase the tree, ornaments, and other decorations.  

Here's Jaymie and Melannie putting the beautiful touches on the bulb ornaments.
 So many pretty bulbs!
 All lined up, ready to go!
 Here are the beautiful, golden angel wings all embellished and ready to to.
 On Monday, November 30, we arrived at the Festival and set to work.  We were surrounded by so many other beautiful trees with wonderful people putting them together.  We talked with a couple who does a tree or two every year for people in their community who they felt impressed to honor.  This year they were doing a tree for a young father who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  Each tree has a story and legacy!

This is our tree with just the topping on all ready for decorating!
 Lights are on (they all work!) and the sprays are placed around the tree.  We considered adding ribbon too, but wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for all the ornaments!
 Jaymie and Melannie securing down the sprays and making sure they were positioned just right.
 Ornament time!  As we picked up each ornament and read each baby name, it was hard to keep from getting emotional.  Many of these babies are near and dear to our hearts as well as we've gotten to know their families.
 Each ornament had to be wired to the tree so nothing falls off during transportation after the festival.
 All done!!  There were so many ornaments, we weren't sure they would all fit!  But they did and they looked glorious and sparkling.
 The names of the babies who were on the ornaments were also put on this little list for all to see as they look at the tree (especially since some of the ornaments are hard to see on the back of the tree!).  So many precious little ones!
 All ready for the auction!
This darling couple purchased our tree!  Our tree raised $1200 for Primary Children's Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who purchased ornaments, donated supplies, shopped, decorated, quilted, and helped us create this beautiful tree!  We hope to make this a yearly tradition for Share!